Zombie Halloween

Black_Ops_III_logoZombie Map





This map is now released (v1.4) on the Steam Workshop. It is my very first released Zombie Map for the Call of Duty Series.

Download it HERE today (must own BlackOps3 PC, no DLC required)

Here are some of the features present in the level:

  • Custom weapons
  • Imported music voxes models
  • Custom Dog Ai and new model
  • Custom scripting for various aspect *we’ll let you discover those 😉
  • Custom FXs

And of course the usual suspects:

  • Few perk machines (there are other ways to get perks!)
  • Wall buys
  • Mystery Box
  • PAP Quest
  • EE



Layout Mapping Level Design: Zeroy
Main scripting: Ardivee & Makecents
Weapons: TitoPricus ConvictioNDR Rollon
Music: Mainly Treyarch & Paul Christoforakos
Research and various help: Wakka Ray1235
Additional Scripting: Nate Smith
Pumpkin Voice: Madgaz
Electric Cherry Model by Jbird632
Tools: DTZxPorter (Wraith) – Bram (modtools helper)





Released 31st October 2016

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