Game: REKOIL (Plastic Piranha)

Date: 2011-2013

Position: World Builder (Contractor)

Tools: Unreal Engine 3, Photoshop, SVN



My main duty on Rekoil were Concept/Design/Creation of Multiplayer Levels but I have also created Materials, Particles, Speedtree items for those Levels; I worked under the supervision of Jason Brice, Predrag Pesic and lastly Sjoerd “Hourences” De Jong.


Harbor: This Middle-Eastern level was of my design, later input by Sjoerd De Jong and thorough by Jason Brice; I created a number of Materials and Particles in the level also. All other assets provided by Art Team on request. This multiplayer level was created based on real locations using Google Earth and reference pictures, it uses Static Meshes only with no use of BSP.

Shipyard: This level created based of part of “Harbor” as a smaller Level, original layout from me but input later for all surrounding area + main floor-plan by Sjoerd De Jong with additional input from Jason Brice. The level uses a number of materials and particles that I created. All other assets provided by Art Team on request. Again this level uses no BSP but Static Meshes only.

Industry: This level was the first I created for Rekoil or for any other Unreal Engine based game. Before that I had done a few showcase level using UDK. Design by myself with input from Predrag Pesic, Sjoerd De Jong and Jason Brice. The choice of time of the day was challenging on this level as much work was needed to bring the FPS to a good level considering the number of Light source used. The level contains a number of materials/particles that I created. All other assets provided by Art Team on request.





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