About Me

meLevel Designer / World Builder & Game programmer enthusiast since early 2000, I have mainly worked on Activision’s Call of Duty for the maps/mods Community and started to work on the Unreal 3 & 4 Engine for Indie Studio Pure FPS in April 2011.

I also founded and maintain the biggest collection of tutorials for modding Call Of Duty on Modsrepository.com which has been running since 2008 and has reached over 8 Millions views since it was created.

You can check out my Professional work HERE and my Community work HERE

By day I am a Systems Administrator for an Irish ISP

My last professional work was as Level Designer using Unreal Engine 4 on Atari/Pure FPS’s Alone In The Dark: Illumination.

Currently Alpha – testing Modtools (Mapping and Modding) for Call Of Duty : Black Ops III [May 2016]



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